Blocked Drains Prevent Lower Crossroads Residents From Staying Outdoors

According to a resident of Lower Crossroads located close to Philippi, Lusanda Mbali, they are forced to stay inside their homes. It is not possible for them to open their windows and even their doors because the smell will be able to penetrate the entire house.

Mbali shared that because of human waste that causes the smell, residents have no choice but to stay inside their houses like prisoners. She added that the toilets along their area are blocked most of the time because of the main pipe located in the drain that broke. The incident happened last year in December. In the United Kingdom, when this happens, residents can easily call an expert such as to manage the situation.

Mbali also said that people have been called to fix the issue but it only turned for the worse. Before they came to the area, the issue is not as worse compared to what it is right now. She was furious because they are not able to breathe fresh air for a little while now and instead they are forced to suffer from the smell of human waste. She said that closing their doors and windows helped only as little as the smell is still able to penetrate the house.

Busisiwe Singaphi is also a resident of Lower Crossroads. He said that they have witnessed city officials trying to fix the drainage system but still the smell remains. The smell is at its worst during the afternoon and in the early morning. They are complaining how unhealthy it is for them to be breathing the unbearable smell.

According to the City of Cape Town’s member of the mayoral committee, Eddie Andrew, they are aware of the current situation in the area with regards to the drainage system. Andrew said that it is common for the sewer in the area to overflow because the residents are throwing items that should not be thrown in the sewerage system such as cooking oil, fats from cooking materials, general litter as well as rags.

The City is now investigating what could be done to remedy the situation but they are appealing to the residents as this struggle cannot be accomplished on their own. Though there are reliable companies in the UK such as, homeowners should be responsible in preventing blockage from occurring.