Benefits Of Applying For EIN Through A Consultant

Obtaining Tax ID or the EIN is one of the primary tasks to be done in the process of setting up a business. An Employer Identification number is a unique nine digit number allotted for a business entity by the IRS. The EIN number is unique for every company and is mandatory to carry on business in Ohio.

A tax ID in Ohio is required to carry on a number of activities like opening bank accounts for the business, hiring employees in Ohio, paying taxes and applying for compulsory licenses and permits required to start a business. Since EIN is required for all the work related to setting up of a business, it is advisable to apply for EIN as soon as you start the groundwork for business.

All types of business entities, like sole proprietary firms, partnership firms, Limited liability company, Not for profit organisations, churches and other places of worship, Estate, Trust, Corporations and personal service corporations require EIN to hire employees and carry on other operations.

There are two methods to apply for Tax ID in Ohio. You can directly visit the website of IRS, which is a Federal organization and apply for the Tax ID. You can also apply for the EIN number through a consultant. Most of the consultants have EIN application form suitable for different business entities on their websites.

It is quick and easy to fill the EIN application form with a consultant because they have a single application which is easily available on the website, when compared to the long search needed to find out and fill up the Tax ID application form on the IRS website. Another advantage of opting for a consultant, is the 24/7 availability. The websites of business consultants are open for twenty four hours throughout the week whereas the Government website is open only for specific timings during the weekdays. The fast and convenient application process without any holding time is the main benefit of choosing to apply for EIN through a consultant. Once you provide all the necessary details and fill in the application form properly, a business consultant will help you to procure a Tax ID in Ohio in a quick and effortless manner.