Behind The Elegance And Sophistication Of Bangkok

If you want to take a break from all the stress of the job, your best option is rooftop bar in Bangkok that serves a variety of Thai, Western and international cuisine and of course, drinks and cocktails. One of things that make the rooftop bar very popular is the breath-taking sunset amidst the city’s skyline. It is a cool place to nurse your drink while waiting to meet friends.

However, behind the sophistication and elegance of Bangkok, there are things happening behind the scenes to ensure that the city remains efficient and smooth-running. While riding the sleek elevated rail line to the city from the international airport, you will pass by old warehouse structures as the skyline of Bangkok comes to view.

This is Makkasan, a place that is not intended for tourists. However, nobody will stop you from visiting the place where old rail engines and cars are scattered on what looks like an urban jungle. If you walk along NikhomMakkasan Road towards the State Railway of Makkasan station, you will be transported to a place that feels like Thailand 40 to 50 years ago.

When you enter the market, it is totally unlike the LED-lit night markets that are visited by hordes of tourists. The market is strictly local and offers everything from fresh fishes to vegetables, slabs of pork, whole chickens and household items.

If you will visit the market on a Sunday morning, you will find a crowd of shoppers enjoying the aroma of Thai food, the scent of fresh flowers and the pungent smell of dried fish. At the end of the market is the rail station where you can catch a ride to Pattaya or the Cambodian border. The engines and cars are antiquated but it is not apparent from their condition.

If you are sitting at rooftop bar in Bangkok, you will notice some typical scenarios. These are guests who sit quietly nursing their drink while others arrive in groups of 5, 6 or more to enjoy the night and the fantastic skyline view. The bartender is very busy mixing drinks and explaining what ingredients it contains.