Australia’s Suburbs For Those Looking To Move

Australians have always had a thing for their homes, there’s no doubting that, but with home prices going up, a lot of people are being priced out of the market.

Not so for these particular suburbs, who are all located close to Australia’s regional centres, but with affordable housing prices, good news for those looking to make sure they get a bargain, from when they buy moving boxes online up to the home they’re staying in.

Now, normally, the idea of moving from the suburbs into the regional centres is regarded as a bad one by city-based professionals, financial security is an idea everyone can get behind.

Here are several options in Australia’s largest regional cities. These places are seeing an increase in employment rates, infrastructure development, whilst also seeing a decrease in housing cost, making them good options for those looking to move out of the city.

Newcastle, NSW (Population: 322,278)

Located 2 hours north of Sydney is Newcastle, the world’s largest coal exporting harbour. Nearby Hunter Valley also has large coal deposits which are exported as Australia’ second more valuable export. Recently, BHP’s steelworks operations in the area close, resulting in the region’s industry diversifying, with a move towards the services industry. The median house price in the area sits at AU$411,000

Geelong, Victoria (Population at Greater Geelong: 278,929)

Once home to a Ford factory that recently closed, Geelong is developing much like Newcastle; IE, it’s currently in a transitory period as the region reinvents itself. The region’s median house price sits slightly above Newcastle, at $475,000, with a 70-minute commute by train to the state’s second largest city.

Gold Coast & Northern NSW Border (Population: 569,997)

The Gold Coast, as well as the nearby NSW border towns of Tweed Heads and Coolangattaaren’t just for tourism. This option works best for those who’re looking to buy moving boxes online and move to a region that supports research and commercial industries, or for those looking for opportunities in agriculture and construction. That being said, the median house price in the southern suburbs is a bit higher than the others on this list, sitting around AU$600,000+.