Australia’s Preference For Pre-Packaged Fruits And Vegetables

The current trend in Australia is snacking vegetables that is highly appropriate for school lunches, for busy moms and for people who spend time at the gym; however, there aren’t enough options in the Australian market. Farmers do not have the time to package and sell produce but Supermarket buyers from Europe have brought with them their knowledge and technology which led to the increase of pre-packaged fruits and vegetables on supermarket shelves.

It looks like there is more consumer confidence on the pre-packaged fruits and vegetables because they assume that it has higher quality considering that they are protected by packaging that prevents tampering. Food waste reduction that used to be issue in the past years has been minimized because pre-packaged fruits and vegetables fit the demographics of people purchasing the products. Produce is available in all sorts of pack sizes and format cups, trays and pouches that have heat sealed and flow wrapped.

Shelf life is another issue in packed fruits and vegetables. If you will consider the size of Australia, food travels huge distances before it reaches the supermarkets. A couple of extra days can make a big difference in the bottom line at the level of both the retailer and the consumer. Furthermore, Australia is also into exports and huge amounts of fruits and vegetables are sent to the Asian market. Shelf life is a big factor in deciding which type of packaging to use for long journeys.

There is no trend in Australia that says you have to away with packaging but there is an inclination to keep packaging lighter and to convert clamshells into heat sealed trays. Biodegradable packaging is certainly more expensive than regular packaging but the consumers can be educated on the difference. Some produce packaging is still made from non-recyclable plastic but since there are legislations against the use of plastic, people will recognize the importance of different packaging.

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