At 93 A Blacksmith Continues To Create Intricate Furnishings

In the early days, blacksmiths held an important position in communities. Today, the number of blacksmiths may have dwindled but you can still find them focusing on artistic endeavours and functional items like fences. If you are going to create custom metalwork, the best source of supplies is blacksmith tools in Brisbane where you will find the right tool for any project.

Chet Ciborowski is a 93-year old man who resides in Sandwich. At his age, it is expected that he should be relaxing and enjoying his life but surprisingly, he has not stopped working. Ciborowski continues to be one of the ornamental blacksmiths in Cape Cod. According to his daughter Jean, the favourite project of his father right now is letters.

In the basement of his home in Sandwich where he lives with this wife Dorothy, Ciborowski continues to craft iron lettering for addresses of homes. He starts by cutting the letters using a band saw and then he uses a drill press and jigsaw to pop out the small holes. He uses a small file to smoothen the rough edges of the letters.

If you will pass by the Ciborowski’s neighbourhood, you will notice that many of the houses are adorned with handmade numbers and letters which are the products of Ciborowski’s labour. For almost half a century, Ciborowski has been using the ancient art form that requires blacksmithing tools, drills and accessories including a forge and an anvil.

Aside from home addresses, you will find intricately crafted furnishings in businesses in Cape Cod. Ciborowski is the person they turn to when the business needs small hooks to hold clothing, fireplace screen and all sorts of lamps. For Ciborowski, blacksmithing is easy after forging thousands of original wrought iron household items. In spite of loss of productivity due to his advanced age, Ciborowski continues to create tools for a living.

According to the website of Artists-Blacksmiths Association of North America, blacksmithing is experiencing resurgence. It is expected that the demand for blacksmith tools in Brisbane will increase particularly from those who are creating artistic and handmade items. Blacksmithing is a skill that produces original and unique custom made products from steel.