An Overview Of Connectors For Electrical Fittings

Connectors are used to join the numerous wires and cables in an electric circuit. The connectors create a path for continuous flow of energy by joining the various cables and wires of the circuit. Connectors have plugs and jacks, which can be used to create temporary and permanent connections for electrical circuits.

There are many types of connectors such as locked connectors, water resistant connectors and flexible connectors, which are used to perform different types of functions. Each type of connector has a specific function. For example, water resistant connectors provide safety to the wires and cables from moisture.

There are a few factors to consider before you select a suitable flexible connector for your requirement.

  • Consider the performance parameters like the current, voltage and operating temperature of the connector. The performance parameters should match the conditions in which the connector should be operating.
  • The next important factors are the physical parameters. They include contact pitch, number of contacts and the type of materials used for in the manufacturing of the connectors. Plastic is the most commonly used material for the outer casing. Other materials used for making connectors are Brass, Phosphor Bronze, and Beryllium copper and high copper alley. Stainless steel is also used to make the connectors for the strength it offers.

There are several functions performed by a connector such as terminal block, binding post, plug and socket, rack and panel, blade and ring and spade. Connectors are also classified on the basis of the method used to fasten the wires to the connectors like insulation displacement connectors, crimping connectors and soldering connectors.

The quality of the flexible connector plays an important role in the quality of the electrical fitting and their functioning. It is advisable to buy these connectors from a reputed dealer. There are many dealers online who deal with various types of connectors and conduits. Research for the prices and features of different brands’ before you buy a connector for your property. The ideal conductor should be made with non-rust zinc alloy to increase its durability. The connector should be screw and lock, assembled and be available in ready to use format.