An Impressive Launching By Carpet Company

Trevor Peters was invited to the launching party of the new line of carpets by Carrfields Primary Wool. He was a little unsure at first since he will have to travel to New York in order to attend. The new range of wool carpets and rugs is called Just Shorn. These types of carpet would best be trusted to professionals in maintaining such as the carpet cleaning in Perth.

Mr. Peters, an Otago farmer, admitted that he was very impressed with the exhibit upon arrival.

Peters was not the only farmer in attendance because a handful of them were invited to the event. Beatrice Faumuina, the Trade Commissioner-Consul General of New Zealand, was also in attendance.

Mr. Peters, along with his family, are the owners of the Peters Genetics which is handling large scale farming operations in Ontago. There are about 32,000 ewes under their care.

He has been in the farming business for a long time and he admitted he had heard his share of different initiatives with regards to the wool industry. Many of them never kicked off while some resulted to lost investment.

Upon seeing the works of Carrfields, he was hit by a motivation like never before and believed they have hit a winner.

He commented on the amazing quality of their rugs and carpets, highlighting the texture as well as colors. The people introduced to him during the event were also amazing according to him.

According to Craig Carr, the managing director of Carrfields, the farmers present during the launch were all proud of the finished products. The carpet and rugs are now in stock at Carlisle, the specialist when it comes to luxury flooring in the United States.

The farmers were able to witness the finished products of the wool they are providing. They were proud of the premium quality that is now in demand in the United States.

These types of luxury carpets and rugs made of wool in Australia should be cleaned only by professional carpet cleaning in Perth to preserve the quality of the products and to ensure proper cleaning technique is used.