Aldi Hot Tubs Gone In Minutes

Minutes after Aldi slashed the price of its hot tub by £100, it was immediately sold out. Aldi is a value-for-money supermarket that launched its own version of the inflatable hot tub. Online shoppers easily recognize when a good deal is available and make sure that they are the first to get hold of the product.

Bargain hunters were already prepared to buy the £399 hot tub but they were surprised when the supermarket further reduced the price by £100. Shoppers outdid themselves in securing the inflatable hot tubs because it was definitely a bargain at £299. Before 9 AM, the savvy shoppers were informed that there were only 5 hot tubs available. Eventually, all the stocks were sold out and many shoppers missed the opportunity to acquire an inflatable pool at a very low price.

It was not surprising why the stocks were sold out within minutes. Standard hot tubs for the garden cost between £3,000 and £10,000. Retailers like B&Q and Tesco are offering similar hot tubs for double the price. It is obvious that shoppers will not pay more when there is a hot tub available for almost a tenth of the regular price.

The decadent hot tub includes 120 jets with a powerful heater that ensures water is at bath temperature. The hot tub also has a lockable insulating cover to prevent children and pets from using the pool in the absence of adult supervision. A similar hot tub is on sale at B&Q website for £640 and it only includes 88 jets.

Many shoppers were disappointed that they were not able to purchase the cheap hot tub for their garden but according to Aldi the product will be available in some of their selected stores on Sunday, April 9. However, Aldi did not confirm the locations of the stores.

A hot tub allows you to unwind after a hectic day. From the moment that you immerse yourself in the soothing warm water, you will feel rejuvenated. However, damages to the hot tub cannot be avoided particularly with frequent use. Don’t immediately buy a replacement; call hot tub repairs in Sydney.