Advantages Of Frameless Shower Screen

A frameless shower screen is suitable for those who want their homes to look modern and those who want their bathroom to have that contemporary feel. Shower curtains are already a thing of the past so if you are thinking about renovating your home, you might as well include your bathroom to boost your home’s overall appearance. Here are some of the advantages that you can get by replacing your shower curtains with frameless shower screen.

Improved aesthetics

Old bathroom screens usually come with metal frames and are usually frosted or textured. Its design usually includes hinges with frames and generally limits visibility both from the inside of the bathroom and outside. However, modern designs are minimalist. Shower screens of modern designs are already devoid of hinges and visual obstructions. The glass doors are already clear with frameless shower screen. It adds elegance to the entire bathroom especially if you would add modern bathroom fixtures and tiles.

Easy to clean

Because modern shower screens are free from hinges and frames, they can be cleaned easily. Without frames made of aluminium or steel, frameless shower screens do not collect stains, rust and dirt. You would only need a wet rag to clean the shower screen and this only takes a few minutes. No need for scrubbing or application of cleaners with harsh chemicals.

 Easy installation

Believe it or not, frameless screens for shower can be installed even by those who are not the handy type. Frameless shower screens can be retrofitted so it can fit to your current space. It also does not require screwing or bolting the screen into place. Without the frame, your bathroom will also look bigger than its actual size.

 Clean and hygienic

A frameless shower screen does not have metal, wooden or stainless steel frames. Thus, you do away with having a frame which is a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and other microorganisms that can harm the body when you get in contact with it. Frameless shower screens are made of solid glass which is non-porous thereby making it an almost impossible breeding ground for bacteria.