Joeann K Bowen

Editor Joeann Bowen

World news helps us learn about things that matter around us. In many ways, it helps us form an opinion and influences our decisions. It stops us from being complacent and from being a blind follower to what our politicians and powerful people tells us. We get a real sense of what is happening around us and how it affects present society. At JC World News issues are represented truthfully without any biases. We allow you to share you insights, comments and opinions so that you can start a conversation with our community of readers and writers.

In many instances, some news is over-sensationalized while others receive only a few paragraphs or two so that it will be overlooked by majority of news seekers. People often get very little information about the outside world because media is more concerned about reporting political affairs. Trivial issues become headlines and global issues take a back seat however, at JC World News we will attempt to share with you the most relevant and current issues all over the world. There is so much to learn, so much to know about people living on the other side of the globe.

They do have experiences to share and opinions that must be heard.

While we do not currently discuss about solutions to world issues, you are invited to share your comments so that more people will become aware. A deeper background and context of various global issues must be explained more thoroughly so that people will understand. For example, one of the more pressing issues today is the threat of Ebola virus but how did this disease develop and what are the steps to minimize the risks? Let us discuss global issues by joining our community. I do not khow often I can join and participate in the discussions but I will get myself involved.

If there are discussions about political issues, strong feelings may definitely arise but do not allow your emotions to overcome your judgment. Discussions should not be the venue for hatred and abuse because our aim is to share opinions. You are invited to become a member; send us an email so that we can discuss our requirements.

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