A Symbol of Eternal Love

In less than a month, Kamariah Brown is set to marry Andrew Carter at Peer Manor House in Karnup but their happiness and excitement for the special day was spoiled due to the loss of their wedding rings. The couple was frustrated when the bride arrived home and found that thieves have stolen their wedding rings including $1,200 in cash, video cameras and other items from the Madora Beach Road house in Perth.

Ms. Brown in an interview with Perth Now, said that it was not the loss of $5,000 worth of items that she was upset with but the wedding rings that were kept in a locked safe under the bed. Kamariah believes that the thieves have just fled the property when she arrived home with her five year old son. When Ms. Brown went up the stairs, she noticed that a side gate was slightly open but she assumed that it was probably due to the wind. However, when her son went inside the house to look for his iPad, they noticed that the windows were broken and stuff was scattered around. Wedding invitations were left strewn on the floor.

Kamariah and son immediately left the house and ran down the streets to the house of fiancé’s parents. Andrew Carter, the wrestling coach immediately returned home after knowing about the unfortunate incident. It was also heartbreaking for the couple that the thieves were able to get their hands on the engagement ring that has just been cleaned and kept for safety reasons inside the safe. The couple hopes that insurance will be able to cover the cost of the rings. They are also hoping that people will notify them in case the stolen rings appear on eBay or Gumtree or somewhere else online.

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