A Nurse Decided To Change Her Profession And Became A Life Coach

Jill Cowley was born and raised in Gainsborough. She worked there as a nurse. It was two years ago when she decided to reinvent herself and become a life coach instead. The same hometown she loved the most became the starting point of her own business.

Positive Minds was founded by Jill in November of 2015. In order to be a qualified life coach, she finished her training which comprised of basic as well as specialist subject that concerns life coaching.

She explained that when she started her profession, she would meet with her clients in their homes but she eventually realized that it is important for her to have her very own consultation space.

Jill’s business is now located at the Plough Business Hub. She revealed that she decided to establish her business in Gainsborough because she used to be employed by the town as their community nurse and she did it for many years. After that, she was also employed by Caskgate Street Surgery as their nurse.

Her origins can be traced back at Lincolnshire where she was born. As soon as she is set for high school, her parents enrolled her at Queen Elizabeth’s High School which is located in Gainsborough too. She pursued her career and went to London for training when she was only 18 years old.

For the past two years before becoming a life coach herself, she was able to experience the benefit of having a life coach.

Jill shared that of all the things she has done, she considers it to be her greatest achievement because she was able to change course and go outside her comfort zone. She underwent a new training and went on to establish her own business while creating a network of clients.

She is still busy learning more from life coach school and she was able to perform one-off sessions with businesses. She added that many people of her age might be thinking about retirement but this is not the case for her as she is thinking of going straight ahead and changing direction as she see fits.