A Look At The 2017 Smartphones With Unique Features

Heavy competition in the smartphone market means that companies are looking to differentiate themselves with unique products, with notable features that stand out from the pack. Some manufacturers have implemented equally strange and wonderful functionalities, from automatic wi-fi connection systems, and mosquito repeller ultrasonic technology, though even simpler distinctions such as extreme performance have also popped up.

Here’s a look at some of the previous year’s notable smartphones, containing the first version of their unique features.

  • Nokia 8 – Bothie
    • Unique from other Nokia phones thanks to its Bothie function, which gives it two Carl Zeiss cameras, front and back, that allows for simultaneous capturing through both of them. The image and video from both cameras can then be combined into one. The popularity of this feature even led to Nokia 7 getting this feature, with Nokia 9 set to receive the feature.
  • Apple iPhone x – Animoji
    • Unveiled alongside the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the iPhone X is the model celebrating the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Featuring an OLED display, a TrueDepth sensor, and Face ID facial recognition software instead of the usual Touch ID sensor.  The unique feature that separates this iPhone X is the Animoki feature, which uses facial recognition to turn facial expressions into emojis, which can then be used to send messages.
  • LG K7i – mosquito repellent technology
    • Perhaps one of the oddest additions to a smartphone, the LG K7i features the Ultrasonic Mosquito Away technology, which as the name implies, is mosquito repeller ultrasonic tech that keeps mosquitoes away from the smartphone. This development utilizes ultrasonic frequencies, for example, 30KHz, inaudible to human ears, but detectable by mosquitoes.
  • Moto X4 – Project Fi
    • Unveiled early in September, this smartphone features Google’s Project Fi feature, which is a virtual network that can automatically connect to the strongest network in your phone’s vicinity, which can avert call drops and slow browsing due to signal interference. This way, the phone and its user never suffers from sudden disconnections, and avoids unnecessarily using up mobile data.
  • Razer phone – performance and a 120Hz refresh rate
    • The new phone unveiled by Razer has nothing fancy added to it, but its core components are very fancy. A high-end phone touted as being ‘for gamers’ the Razer phone has a Quad HD IGZO LCD 5.72-inch display, with a refresh rate sitting at a high 120Hz, giving it the fastest refresh rate for smartphone gaming to date.