A Happy Boss Creates Happy Employees

A good company can be defined not just by the positive feedbacks from satisfied customers but also with the happiness and contentment of each employee. A good company values each individual just as they value their customers. Contented employees will deliver better and more efficiently. They will remain faithful and persevere to work harder. But how can you keep them happy? How can you gain their loyalty? Let me try and provide some tips to keep you workers enjoy working with you.

Make them feel important. The feeling that someone depends on you drives motivation and determination. This will allow each one to know that their contribution no matter how small it is, it is significant.

Walk the talk. This is a very powerful gesture that will inspire your subordinates. This will show them that you practice what you say and that you believe in your own words. Doing this will instil discipline and gracious behaviour.

Embrace change. We all know that change is inevitable. That the only constant thing in this world is change. Rules are meant to be broken, so why not revise them as time goes by. Make it relevant to what is happening around the globe.

Enjoy diversity. No two people are the same. No two people can do the work at the same pace, same style or the same quality. A variety of opinions from different perspective engages collaboration and better execution. Having different opinions on one matter will anticipate any future problems that may arise. Knowing these opinions will give prevent any issues to surface.

Paraphrase your email. Yes, you are not happy with the outcome and you want them to know what you think. Before sending an email, try to use positive scripting. There is always a better way to say it. Make sure that instead of putting them down, your constructive criticisms will inspire them to do better next time.

Have fun. Set up company events or team activities to engage each employee to participate and have fun. Providing them means to enjoy and relax will give them contentment and security.

Be happy. Happiness is contagious. Spread it.