7 Reasons Why: Teaching English Abroad

TEFL teaching isn’t just a golden ticket to find employment abroad or to fund travels. No, TEFL, or teaching English as a foreign language, is definitely more than that. For some people, TEFL is a road to self-discovery and for others it is their way of giving back and making an impact on someone’s life. Either way, TEFL presents numerous opportunities and benefits that you may not want to miss out on. Here are 7 reasons why you should definitely teach English abroad.

  1. Employment Opportunities. Yes, if you had taken a 4-week training on TEFL, the certification would provide you numerous employment opportunities all around the globe. Right now, there is so much hunger for the English language in many parts of the world. TEFL teachers are highly in demand and with a TEFL certification you’re bound to find work even in the most difficult of economic situations.
  2. A Matter of Choice. You should know that if you’re an English teacher, you can basically work in any part of the world you like for as much as your certification allows you. You are given the freedom of choice to choose where you want to spend your days indulging and teaching. In fact, becoming an English teacher is one of the easiest ways to live abroad.
  3. Constant Learning. When you become a TEFL teacher, every day brings in new lessons not only for your students but for yourself as well. You would be able to learn their culture, their experiences and even their language which could prove advantageous in the long run.
  4. New Language. When you go teaching English in Thailand or any other country abroad, you will also be able to learn their language which adds considerable appeal to your CV.
  5. Making a Difference. Through TEFL, you would be able to make a difference when you teach English to non-speakers. What’s great about this is that you’d also be seeing their improvement and the impact you are making as you progress.
  6. New Friendships. Part of the TEFL experience is meeting new people, making new friends and building lasting relationships.
  7. With TEFL, you can use your own unique approach to teaching the English language. You get enough freedom to create your own lessons or remodel a new one from their textbook or curriculum.