3 Things To Consider For Similna Island Liveaboard Trip

If you are a diver, you would want to go for a dive at any given day. If you are one of those who just can’t get enough of diving, a Similan island liveaboard trip would be best for you. Liveaboarding means that you get to stay in a houseboat for days. While this can be an adventurous and memorable experience, there are a few things that you might want to consider before taking the trip. Here are some of them.


One of the important things to consider if you are planning for a liveaboarding trip is the season during your target trip schedule. In Thailand, rainy seasons are generally from July to October. The country, being a tropical one only has two seasons; the rainy and sunny. If you want to enjoy living on a houseboat for a few days, it would be best to schedule your trip to Thailand during summer or dry season. Summers offer excellent sea conditions. The seas are calmer with more visibility.


Going on a Similan island liveaboardcan be pricy. Not only will you spend for staying in a houseboat, you are also going to spend for renting diving gears and equipment which can be expensive.It is important to have the right diving gear as it would ensure your safety while underwater. To reduce the costs, opt for budget packages and shorter number of days aboard. The rates of liveaboarding is generally influenced by the type of sea craft and itinerary of the trip.

Diving expertise

If you are going on a liveaboarding trip with professional divers, choose a budget pack which offers multiple dives in a day or a package that has more dives than relaxation. However, if you want to infuse diving with rest and recreation, choose a package at Similan island liveaboard which include snorkelling, island visits, beach BBQ and other non-diver activities. With liveaboarding trips, you can choose whether to have the majority of your activities on diving or other water-related activities that will be enjoyed by expert divers and non-divers alike. You can also find diving lessons from the packages.