3 Steps To Ensure Smooth Furniture Removals In Sydney At Low Cost

The process of moving furniture from an old house to a new house, or from an old business space to a new one can be quite tedious. It involves a lot of packing and boxing within the old house, then the actual safe transportation of the furniture items, and finally, the unboxing and unpacking process when arriving at the new area. In order to minimize the cost of the whole process it is best to minimize the amount of work done by furniture removals in Sydney, to minimize the amount of time they spend working on the removals process. Here we discuss 3 steps to minimize the time spent by furniture removalists, and to ensure a safe and smooth process.

  • Dismantling: One of the easiest things that clients can do is to dismantle the beds and chairs and other easy furniture objects that can be quickly dismantled using just a screwdriver and plier. It must be noted that all the removed screws, washers, nuts and bolts must be kept safely in a separate plastic cover to ensure that they do not get misplaced or lost. Again, it must be reiterated that only the easier furniture items need to be dismantled, as the removals agency will perform the dismantling process for the larger items.
  • Appropriately sized boxes: If the boxes used are too small, then the time spent packing will be considerably larger. However if the boxes are too large, that could make them oversized, or over-weight, and could drastically slow down the process of manual transportation of boxes between the removals truck and the residential or business area. It is therefore recommended to procure multiple medium sized boxes of roughly the same size to ensure that the removals truck can be stocked to the maximum without wastage of space.
  • Potted plants: Most people keep potted plants in their houses for aesthetic appeal. Others do it to imbue fresh grassy fragrances inside their homes. However if you have scheduled for removals in Sydney, it is recommended to keep the plants dry for a few days. This will ensure that the moisture does not get carried into the removals van. If the moisture does enter the van, it could cause harm to the cardboard boxes used to transport the other items.