3 Effective Ideas On How To Soundproof Windows

If you are living in an urban area and your apartment is along the road, it would come as no surprise if you are frequently irked by car honking, of car tires screeching and other urban noise pollution that interrupts your sleep. Perhaps you are also wondering how to soundproof windows so that once and for all, you can get that good night’s rest every night. If you are looking for ways to insulate noise, here are some suggestions:

Do it the traditional way

There are several ways to muffle the sound that penetrates through your walls and windows. It might sound funny but you can do it the traditional way or how your grandparents must have done it in the olden days. You can use heavy drapes to reduce sound penetration through your window and at the same time, reduce the amount of light coming in to further promote better sleep. You can also use earplugs to block off the sound from reaching your eardrums.

Look for DIY solutions

For a more modern solution, you can search the internet to find out how to soundproof windows the easy way. You can use expanding sealer foam to fill the air gaps on your windows and another is to apply thick rubber double sided insulation tape on the areas of the window that opens and closes.  The downside of this DIY method is that you can no longer open or close your door as you please since it would mean removing all the adhesive and insulation then reattaching them once again when you want to block off the noise.

Call the professionals

For a sure and better way to eliminate sound and prevent it from disturbing your sleep, call a professional service provider so you no longer have to wonder how to soundproof windows when you have the experts to do it for you. Have the installers check your house for them to evaluate your noise insulation requirements and how they can effectively block off noise using the latest technologies. Choose a reputable service provider to get optimum and satisfying results.