2017 Tyre Collection Launched By Pirelli

Last week Pirelli launched their new line of tyres for 2017 at the paddock in Yas Marina. The launch also includes their tyres with the latest tread patterns that will be the highlight of the company’s intermediate as well as wet weather line.

Due to the changes in regulation in the coming season, it is expected that the new tyres will be wider by 25 per cent than the usual. The rears are expected to measure between 325 mm and 405 mm while the fronts will be between 245 and 305. The diameter will also be increased but only by a small percentage. The rim size of the wheel, on the other hand, will remain to be at 13 inches.

The new tyres that were launched have been undergoing tests ever since the summer season. There are three teams that joined the testing by providing their mule cars including Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes. The mule cars are 2015 F1 machines that were modified to have wider track in order to perform stimulation on the higher down force that the cars next year will be generating.

According to Paul Hembery, the motorsport director of Pirelli, they have already made a lot of changes compared to when they tested the new tyres for the first time back in the first week of August. The company is happy with the results they have gathered from the majority of the specifications required.

Hembery recognizes that their work is just starting. Due to the changes in aerodynamic, the cars next year will have a decrease in lap times of about five seconds when compared to the figure last year and about three seconds when compared to 2016.

The mule cars that were used is not performing as the expected cars in 2017 and this will have an impact on the way the new tyres will be performing. Several compounds that are included in the new line were manufactured using different philosophy and materials and they are already up to the target objective of Pirelli when it comes to decrease in degradation and a higher resistance when overheated. With this, the tyre is able to maintain a consistent grip level which is at optimum.

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