West Australian Team Develops ‘Energy-Harvesting’ Glass

For those looking for something new from a glass supplier Melbourne, there’s some good news that may brighten up the day.

In Australia, a new technological development made for the solar energy market was just revealed, which will shake up the global solar energy scene. The technology in question is the world’s first ever commercially viable version of transparent, efficient solar glass.

Developed by a team from West Australia’s Electron Science Research Institute (ESRI) at Edith Cowan University, this new type of glass is state of the art, made with solar cells lining its borders and containing special nanoparticles.

The ESRI’s Director, Kamal Alameh dubbed it ‘energy-harvesting clear glass’, and believes it to be a major innovation that will likely alter the playing field.

He elaborated on the glass’s capabilities, stating that the glass splits up sunlight into its components: visible light, UV and infrared. The glass’s structure and design allows visible light to pass through it with no issue, whilst UV and infrared are diverted into the glass’s borders, wherein they are converted into electricity via the solar cells located in the glass’s edges.

This means that the glass gives its user the solar control, thermal control, electricity, and lighting, all with the structural strength of safety glass. A single square metre of the new glass is capable of producing up to 30 W of electricity.

This innovation was made via a partnership between the ESRI and ClearVue technologies.

ClearVue’s founder and chairman, Victor Rosenberg, made a statement regarding the new innocation, stating that, whilst this glass was not the only solar glass available on the market, most of those models were not perfectly clear, possessing lines, or dots, or a checkerboard-like appearance due to the configuration of the solar absorbing technology used to make them. He states that both ClearVue and ESRI is proud to be the first to possess a perfectly clear solar glass.

This new innovation has already been field-tested, having been used in the construction of a self-sufficient bus shelter in Melbourne. The glass supplier Melbourne that was in charge of that development is also looking at bringing the new glass for testing at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

The team is also looking at the development of a new, energy efficient glasshouse, to be built somewhere in the Perth region.

Expect More Medical Tourists: Reminder For A 5-Star Boutique Hotel In Saigon

The industry of the medical tourism in various parts of the world has never been this active as of late. Aside from taking their much-awaited vacation, some vacationists are flying abroad to seek medical attention from healthcare service providers in the country which they are flying to. There are various explanations as to why some people would prefer to pay expensive airline fares plus hotel accommodations in another country just to seek medical attention but one probable explanation is that there’s no facility or medical specialist in their home country who can give them the medical attention that they need. Or, they believe that they can a second or third opinion from a health specialist abroad especially if they are told that they need to undergo a very complicated surgery. Now, if we are talking about medical tourism industry, there’s no better place to go than the city of Ho Chi Minh, also known as Saigon City in Vietnam. In fact, the tourism and health departments of the city recently launched the “Medical Tourism in Ho Chi Minh City” project during a meeting. This is a good plan especially for a 5-star boutique hotel in Saigon because it will add up to the number of rooms that can be filled up.

According to city officials, the plan, which they planned to implement as soon as next month, will integrate 5 healthcare services into tourism products of the city. The services that are planned to be integrated are dentistry, traditional medicines that are used by the Vietnamese, cosmetics, general health check-ups and screening procedures for diseases. Included in the plan is to publish a handbook that is written by the health and transportation departments of Ho Chi Minh City. They will also provide a map that will help vacationists locate major hospitals and medical institutions within the premises of the city. That way, they can find the appropriate healthcare services which they come for in the first place. In the belief of the Department of Health, the city of Ho Chi Minh has grown up to become Southern Vietnam’s medical hub- that alone is what makes the city a good place where medical tourism can boom furthermore and yes, it can attract vacationists to stay at a 5-star boutique hotel in Saigon while waiting for the next appointment.

Highest Prices For Land And Condo In Bangkok Expected This Year

According to the most recent research that was conducted by CBRE Thailand, this year there will be greater competition when it comes to owing land in the centre of Bangkok.

Plots in Bangkok will be more attractive to investors than ever before and it is expected that the value of land will reach its highest especially those located in the central business districts in the capital of Thailand. It will come as no surprise if there is a new hotel in Ploenchit eventually.

It is also expected that the number of foreign investment for 2017 will be higher in the metropolis despite the fact that the local developers are conducting more marketing campaigns in order to attract demands from foreign lands.

The central business district located in Ploenchit-Lumpiniwas revealed to have the highest inflation when it comes to land prices in 2016. The higher price recorded was something not heard of before – 1.9 million baht or US$ 54,200. The highest numbers were also recorded in other places such as along the Sukhumvi Road with highest price at 1.75 million baht and the area located around the Silom-Sathorn with highest price set at 1.45 million baht.

The record prices can be contributed to the fact that the condominiums downtown are still the most in demand. The report from CBRE Research indicated that the records for the land price will be once again broken this year in all of the central business district locations.

Last year, the off-plan condominium units are found to have an average price of 247,613 for every square meter and it is expected that this record number will be broken in the coming years. The average price for condominium units located in Central Lumpini is at 250,363 for every square meter which is the highest that was recorded since the year 2010 in the capital of Thailand. It is also predicted that the price of 198,482 for every square meter, which is the resale value, will be higher than before.

This is the very reason why it is now a good time for local and foreign developers to invest in properties and hotel in Ploenchit as it is one of the areas included as the most in demand central business district.

Canadian Rubgy Team Sited Relaxing In Phuket After World Series Victory

The island of Phuket has become a world-class travel destination, with its sandy Thai beaches attracting tourists to come enjoy a BBQ buffet in Patong or the like. A notable site amidst the sunny beaches of Phuket stood out recently, following the end of the World Series Sevens.

Four members of the champion team, Canada, which managed to claim victory in the championship via upset, was sited around the island of Phuket sometime last week. The four member, Harry Jones, Patrick Kay, Justin Douglas and Lucas Hammond, celebrated their team’s win by heading over to the beach filled Thai island for some R&R. The four were even pictured by fans traveling around Phang Nga Bay during their visit.

Bunny Gray, a local Phuket resident, and Rugby fan was even lucky enough to have seen and visited the group repeatedly. The fan noted the Canadian team’s performance in the recent championship, and pointed out that the considerable number of Canadian tourists on the island as to a possible reason for the athletes’ stay.

He states that athletes possess high standards with regards to fitness, a necessity when playing multiple top level games over the span of a mere two days. The athletes, according to Mr. Gray, expressed interest in returning to the island to enjoy a BBQ buffet in Patong for some R&R next year, something that would no doubt be of interest to Rugby fans on the island.

The World Series Sevens were upset when the United States and Canada teams managed to edge the sport’s usual contenders such as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Fiji, by advancing to the finals, resulting in the first all-American line-up for the tournament. Even though Canada won a thrilling final game with a score of 26-19, the all-American line-up was a win in and of itself, according to Canada’s coach, Damian McGrath.

This championship win was the first for Canada, better known for hockey than rugby, whom had never won a World Series before. Contrast that to their opposition, the US, which managed to claim a title victory during the 2015 London finals.

Preventive Maintenance According To Seasons Of The Year

Building maintenance must always a follow a schedule according to the seasons of the year that represent different challenges. There are certain times of the year, when it makes sense to perform building maintenance projects like boiler maintenance and repairs, weatherizing, winterizing of the gardens and landscape, cleaning, repainting, pruning and switching off the heating machinery.

While most of the building maintenance projects are pretty straightforward and can be economically and effectively done by in-house staff, building managers must know when they need to hire professionals to do the job. For example, when it comes to boiler inspection, maintenance and repair, it makes sense to hire a heating engineer who is accredited for the job.

Maintaining the landscape is also a delicate and complex job because it involves decade-old trees and extensive flowerbeds and shrubs. A member of the staff might not have any clue on what must be done. When trees are neglected a great deal of money and efforts are required to rehabilitate them. The right professionals must support in-house staff for seasonal landscape maintenance.

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year because the leaves change color and the weather is not too cold. Fall is also the most appropriate time of the year to schedule boiler maintenance to ensure that it does not malfunction or breakdown during the coming winter. A boiler breakdown on the coldest day of the year, during Christmas or New Year will be very expensive.

One of the challenges during fall is leaf removal from the ground. An overwhelming amount of leaves must be hauled off. However, dead leaves are good organic materials that basically insulate everything during winter. If you want a fall cleanup, just remove the leaves from the plants and from the ground and blow them towards your flowerbeds. Use them as nature intended.

If you want to stay warm and comfortable during winter, make sure that preventive maintenance is performed on the boiler through www.boilerrepairsexeter.com. Some boilers can be cleaned better when turned off. Before the start of the winter season, the heating elements, pilot lights, burners, flue and chimney vents must be thoroughly inspected and cleaned.



4 Sure Ways To Get Repeat Visits To Your Website

While maintaining a website, your main goal is to achieve more traffic to your site in order to convert the traffic into actual sales and get return of investment. However, you cannot have your visitors and potential customers do a repeat visit website if your site is drab, uninteresting and irrelevant. Therefore, your goal is to find out what would warrant a repeat visit from your targets and get them hooked to your product. Here are some ideas:

Make your site pleasing and easy to navigate

People visit websites not to get confused or have a hard time finding what they need. With the advent of technology, almost everything is automated and automatic and if you will have your visitors experience the olden times in your website, you can be sure that it would be the first and last time they will drop you a visit. Make the fonts clear and readable with colors that are toned down. Avoid automatic videos as they can be annoying and distracting when you visit website.

Keep your site updated

No one will visit your site if they found out that the last post was made 2 years ago. In other words, it is important for your visitors to know that your site is being updated on a regular basis and that they will have something to look forward to every time they drop by. You can also send them newsletters or emails to let them know that your brand is still available in the market.

Be relevant

Know your target market and find out what interests them. Add web content that your targets can relate to and those that will have them coming back. Talk about the latest trends while maintaining professionalism.

Make it interactive

There are special reasons why Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are in demand today and why businesses are found on this platform. Customers want to interact with the people behind the product when they visit website. Make sure that you respond to your site visitors right away to create a better impression.

Tips On Finding Hotel Accommodations That Will Match With The Budget

It is very easy to blow your hard-earned budget if you opt for an expensive hotel accommodation. But while it may seem extravagant to stay in a 4-star or 5-star hotel, you are paying for comfort and convenience including 24-hour room service, an amenity that is usually offered by luxury hotels. In order to find accommodations that will suit your budget, checkout the following tips.

  1. Research for hotels in the desired area. Access their websites and look at the amenities offered like free Wi-Fi, cable TV, free parking, etc. Some hotels promise discounts when you book directly through their website. Best rates are offered when you book months in advance of your expected date of travel.
  2. If staying in the heart of the city is not within your budget, choose a hotel in another neighbourhood. However, remember that there must be public transport available otherwise, if you take a taxi every time you want to explore the city, whatever savings you gained from choosing a different hotel will go to your fare. Even if the hotel in the city costs you a few extra dollars, if it is just minutes’ walk away from the tourist attractions, it will still be a better option.
  3. Ask the hotel whether they give discounts to seniors, to students or government employees. Don’t be embarrassed to use your benefits; it may allow you to stay in a better hotel for less expense. Negotiate directly with the hotel because it often yields a better price for a room.
  4. Use apps like HotelTonight that allows you to access quality hotel rooms for a lower price. There are also other apps for last minute deals; however, late bookings do not always work if you are travelling to a city during its peak season. You will find that all types of accommodations are already fully booked.

A brand new 4 star hotel in Sukhimvit is one of the finest accommodations for a traveller to Bangkok. It is a modern hotel, that ensures quality customer service and well-furnished accommodations with high comfort level for a very reasonable price.