Tax Raise For The Rich

President of the United States, Barrack Obama, will give his State of the Union speech on Tuesday. The speech is said to discuss tax raise on the wealthy in order to aid those on the middle class spectrum.

Officials say that the increase will result to $320 billion in one decade. The said amount will be used as funding for benefits like tax credits.

The State of the Union speech will be the center of political talks and is expected to reveal the legacy which will be left behind by President Obama. The speech is also expected to shape the coming 2016 election.

The only problem the President’s proposal is the resistance by the Houses of Congress which is both controlled by Republicans. As the economy of the United States grows, it is only right that ordinary families living in the US be able to receive certain benefits.

The tax raise is said to be given much thought and the proposal covers the following:

– Making sure that the richest in America will not be able to pass some of their assets as tax-free
– The earnings of the richest will receive an increase of 4.2% in capital gains tax from the previous 23.8%
– US financial firms, estimated to have total assets of around $50 billion, will get new fees

The proposal will be able to raise fund in order to provide for benefits designed for those citizens who belong in the middle class. Some of these benefits include tripled child tax credits, providing assistance for families whose spouses are both working and giving extra incentives for citizens to be able to save for their retirement.

White House has gained more confidence from the people since the increase in America’s economic growth. Despite the recovery, there is still the issue regarding wages for Americans who are in the middle class. It is the aim that the economic growth will benefit all Americans and provide them with outlet for success.

President Obama is not running for another term in the 2016 election despite the positive outcome on the state of the economy.


High Technology Security Measures In Japan

Japan will host the 2020 Olympic and Parlympic games. As early as now, the major makers of security systems in Japan are already developing state of the art security systems to ensure the safety of the people attending and participating in the games.

These Japanese innovators are applying their rich knowledge in information technology in order to create secure and anti crime tools and devices. The demand for these security measures has drastically increased through the years as the terrorist incidents have continued to threaten the general public.

The innovations

One of the electric appliance giants, Panasonic Corporation, has revealed its recent development of an enhanced entrance gate in the village where the athletes will be housed. The said gate will be equipped with high end security sensors and systems that will detect any suspicious activities within and outside the village.

The secured gate only opens after the party about to enter the village authenticates their identities. This is done by holding their identification cards over a reader. The data received by the machine will then be processed and matched to the database of expected village dwellers and guests. This way, unauthorized entry to the village will be avoided. Even if someone will steal an athlete’s identification card, the system and guard on duty will be able to detect the fraudulent act.

Another major corporate giant, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, recently developed a high end security surveillance camera. The camera is created in a way that it can immediately send recorded video footage to computers, laptops, tablets and other handy devices in distant places. This camera can be carried from one location to another and is equipped with a set of batteries and transmitter.

Terroristic acts

Several acts of terrorism have rocked the free world for the last couple of months. A magazine office in Paris was attacked in January resulting in a three day blood bath. Series of shootings were reported in Denmark this February. Because of the constant threat for safety, the makers of electric appliances in Japan developed several security precautions which are now used at airport terminals in order to prevent extremists and terrorists from setting foot on Japan.


Yemeni Officials Quit Their Post

This piece was influenced by an interview we did with the owners of Paper Mart. The leaders of Yemen resigned from their post in protest with the Houthi rebellion. This was a move made by President Abdu Mansour Hadi, prime minister Khaled Bhaha along with the members of the cabinet in view of what could become a hostile takeover by the rebels.

The government officials announced their resignation after giving in to the demand of the rebel group. This act by the Yemeni government caught the rebels off guard. The demands that they made to the government are now in jeopardy.

The supporters of the militant group in parliament said that they would not be accepting the resignation of the leaders. Transitioning to another political group will slow down Houthi’s plot of gaining power and control of the region.

Why did the president agree to the rebels’ demand?

It could be recalled that last September, Hadi was under brutal attack by the militia. The president’s palace was overrun by the rebels and the president’s chief aide was taken as a hostage. Hadi was said to be besieged in his own home for almost a day before giving in to the demand of the rebels. He was left with no other option since the rebels did not show any signs of slowing down the attack and in harming his allies and family.

After Hadi gave his word that he would honor the demands of the rebel, the group left the brutally terrorized city.

Who are the Houthis?

In the English language, Houthi can be translated as Partisans of God or the Believing youth. They are a group of radical Shia Muslim operating in the Yemen territory.

The Houthi’s history dates back to 1992, the year it was founded. Radicalization of the group started in the year 2003 when the Americans invaded Iraq. The members are often heard shouting anti Jewish and anti American insults. Since then, the group evolved into a paramilitary group enforcing its rights forcefully on Yemenis.

Effect of insurgency to Yemen’s Economy

Yemen’s economy took a big blow due to the uprising of the Houthi. Different business industries including the packaging industry were expected to underperform when the tension between the government and the rebels escalated.


The Best Time To Move Your Kids To A Toddler’s Bed

There certainly is no fixed rule when you should move your child from his crib or cot and place him in a bed. That said, most children usually make the move to their own beds at around 18 months. Your kid needs to be moved out of the cot if he has mastered climbing out of the cot. There can be other reasons for moving the baby and one of these is the imminent arrival of a baby in the family.

If you have already decided that the child needs to move out of his cot to make room for the new baby, ensure that you do these six weeks before the new baby will actually arrive. The big change of moving your toddler will not be anymore a problem. Otherwise if you move your toddler only upon the arrival of the new baby, the toddler will only be stressed out. It will also help prevent the toddler from feeling that he has been pushed away because of the new baby. As an alternative, you can have the baby first and then make a big change. Place the baby for the first 4 months in a Moses basket next to the master’s bed. And then you can make the next move of getting your toddler out of the cot and placing the new baby in it. The toddler then moves to a bigger bed.

Keep in mind though that as soon as your child moves in the bigger bed, he can easily get out of bed whenever he wants to. So before you move your toddler out, ensure that you check first the safety aspects of everything that the toddler might have access to if he climbs out of the bed. If you are training your child to go to the toilet alone, you may want him already to sleep in a bed since he needs to get up and go to the bathroom.

Many child psychologists will suggest though that it is best to wait as long as possible before you move your toddler to a much bigger bed. There really is no pressure in moving the toddler out. There are plenty of kids beds to choose from and what is more important is that the child is ready to move out.


Inside Anmer Hall: The Home Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge And Their Children

Anmer Hall was originally intended as a country property for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but following the birth of Princess Charlotte, it became the full-time residence for the Royal Couple in Norfolk. Anmer Hall boasts of a swimming pool and a private tennis court and several million pounds were spent in refurbishing the 10-bedroom Georgian mansion.

According to documents that were posted on King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council website early this year, the Prince and Princess applied for planning permission so that they could demolish the existing tennis court and create a new one with artificial grass surface that will be further away from their home.

This plan is part of the comprehensive overhaul of the grounds of Anmer Hall in an effort to improve privacy for the family. Part of the plans is a new glazed garden room and new kitchen. Refurbishment for the secluded fortress is largely paid from the private funds of the royal family. Décor chosen is in line with the royal couple’s taste.

The overhaul also involves an extensive tree-planting program that will provide the Prince and Princess as well their children the privacy they deserve. With the newly planted trees, the royal family can go about their business in privacy. There have been several intrusions in the past because of professional photographers using long distance lens.

From afar, the visible roof has a new orange color. So much work is also being done on the gardens at Anmer Hall to make it a comfortable and unpretentious home. The large sash windows have gentleness to it but it is also well located to provide easy access to the Duchy, Windsor, London and several other racecourses.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor have also been granted the no-fly zone over Anmer Hall meaning aircraft is banned from flying within 1.5 miles of the house for security reasons.

You do not have to be a prince or princess to refurbish your home. You can have it efficiently and conveniently done through home improvements Perth for competitive prices. Aside from the excellence of the building staff, your project will gain dedicated attention until its completion.

diy paintin

A Simple Guide to Painting and Decorating Safety

Northampton – Having an attractive and well-maintained home has its perks. First of all, you may be able to show off your house to your friends, co-workers and potential business partners. Also, living in a well-maintained home can have numerous effects on your physical and emotional state. Painting and decorating is probably the best way for you to have a well-maintained attractive home. But when opting to paint and decorate on your own, you should know that there are also some dangers that you would need to consider. Although painting and decorating does not seem like a risky business, you are actually putting yourself in risky situations without even knowing about it.

If you are conducting a DIY painting and decorating project on your house, you should also consider your safety. To help you out, here is a simple guide to painting and decorating safety.

Protective Equipment

Probably the best way to protect yourself while painting and decorating is by using different protective equipment. The skin is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body and because of that you would need to keep your skin covered with the help of gloves that are fit for different painting and decorating applications.

You would also need to protect your eyes by using goggles, glasses or even face masks. Lastly, you should also consider protecting your lungs since there are some paints that can harm people via inhalation. Try to wear anti-dust masks or a solvent respirator. You should also open the windows and the doors in order to secure good ventilation. Make sure to remove all flammable objects within the area of your work.

Solvent-Based Products

Know that all organic-based solvents pose potential harm to people. When handling solvents, you would need to take extra care. Make sure to read the label carefully especially the safety section and health risks.

Keep solvents away from all sources of heat as they are highly flammable. Store them only on cool dry places and away from the reach of children and pets. Always wear protective equipment.

If you value your safety too much, you can just opt to hire professional painters and decorators do the work for you. A good place to find such people is Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating. You can visit their site at


Happy News For Consumers Of Car Rental Services

Search for Link Airport to know more about airport transfers for corporate executives and holidaymakers. With the wide range of vehicles available for travellers, there is always one that will suit your taste and preferences. Travel in style and arrive at your destination on time.

Good news for the consumers of car rental services

Consumer rights in the car rental sector are being enforced in Europe. A joint action by the European Commission and national enforcement authorities have agreed to review how five major car rental companies deal with their customers. Consumers could expect benefits from more clarity on insurance policies, tank refueling options, more fairness in handling damages and more price transparency. The review came about due to the sharp increase in the number complaints received by European Consumer Centers over the last two years.

Booking for a car online is convenient for most consumers. There is an option provided by the car rental sector wherein a consumer can rent a car in one country and return it in another but unfortunately, rental terms and conditions are rather vague and the customer is left with unplanned extra charges. The five major rental companies have pledged to improve their information policies and to make fair terms and conditions.

Among the other improvements that consumers can expect include:

  • Improved transparency when cars are booked online with clear information about rental policies
  • Better information at the booking stage particularly about prices, insurance policies, exclusions and applicable excesses.
  • Clearer vehicle inspection processes
  • Reasonable opportunity for consumers to challenge any additional charges being claimed

For example, in the car rental market, a consumer can book for a car by paying €600 as deposit but if the car unfortunately gets scratched while in the possession of the consumer, an additional €100 may be charged from the total amount of deposit. This is one of the rules in a car hire company’s terms and conditions which must be foreseen by the consumer.

Changes will be gradually implemented by car hire companies until the end of the year. According to consumer authorities they will be monitoring insurance cover, language used in terms and conditions during booking and the consumer’s liability for car damages made by other people.


Grooms Of India – Their Preference For Limousines And Vintage Cars

At Limousine Royalty, there are always limos that will suite your taste and preferences. Shiny, sleek and sophisticated with every imaginable amenity, limousines are the perfect ride to your wedding. It is not uncommon for wedding couples to wish for a grand entrance and this can be successfully provided by a stretch limo that is undoubtedly an eye-catching sight as you drive to most special event of your life.

It is not just the excitement of his wedding day that has put a glow on Ashwath’s face but the fact that he and his bride will be riding a limo. While Ashwath was cruising to the wedding venue, all eyes on the street were on the limo. Many onlookers have captured the most unusual event with their phone cameras. This is understandably true every time a limo appears on a street because it is very rare for people to see one.

Unlike Aswath who went for a conventional stretch limo, Rishabh is dreaming of a sparkling white limousine that is embellished with fresh flowers and standing on a red carpet on his wedding day. Rishabh has always been fascinated with limousines that he saw on films with the “just married” signboard at its back. This fascination is now turning to reality because his brother arranged for limousine service for his wedding.

It is not only Aswath and Rishabh who want a grand entry to their wedding since many grooms have discarded the more conventional options. Many grooms see themselves driving to church in no less than a designer chariot or a carriage pulled by horses. However, the hot favorite remains to be the limousine that can be rented for 20,000 to 50,000 Rupiah.

Businessman Rohit Bhasin has imported two limousines from Dubai for rental purposes because it is the trend. His limousines are booked for the entire wedding season because couples no longer want the usual sedans. Along with stretch limos, vintage cars are also in demand.

However, it not easy to hire unconventional vintage cars because most of them are privately owned and the owners do not want to rent them out. Anyway, people have the second best option in stretch limos.


Luxury Lifestyle At Samui Villas That Will Fit Your Budget

If you want to indulge in a luxury style vacation you can book for Samui Villas that perfectly fits your price range on the islands of Koh Samui. Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s largest islands and home to luxury resorts. If you are used to hobnobbing with the rich and celebrities that are known all over the world, you can jet-surf, sunbathe and enjoy the waters of Koh Samui for a fraction of the price that you will pay in other luxury resorts in Europe.

Koh Samui boasts of its pristine beaches and virgin rainforests that can easily be reached through plane or boat. After experiencing the hustle and bustle of cities like Bangkok, it is time to relax and enjoy in a luxury resort in Koh Samui. Once you get to Koh Samui, food, massages, accommodation and entertainment will only cost a fraction of any Western holiday at a resort.

Koh Samui features nearly 250 short and long term rental villas and apartments that come complete with all modern amenities. Rental ranges in price from $175 to $15,000 per day. The luxury villas are perfect for a romantic getaway, family vacation or an all-girl holiday. Most of the properties feature spectacular views and private pools. Some of the luxury villas can be found in the busier parts of the island but there are also those that can be found in less developed and quieter parts.

Luxury Samui villas have been specifically developed for tourists that visit the island. Most of the villas pride themselves on their quality customer service while paying close attention to the needs and requirements of their guests. The goal of luxury villas is to create a hassle-free escape for guests who want a peaceful and quality relaxation.

Service provided by the luxury villas start from airport pickup and return including the rentals for cars, motorbikes, chefs or entertainment arrangement. If you have any questions about the perfect place for world class snorkeling, you only need to ask and you will be given the answers in a timely and efficient manner. Luxury villa staff will ensure that you have a great experience that you will never forget in your lifetime.


Window Dressing As The Most Vital Feature In A Room

The style of Perth’s premium blind has come a long way from its humble beginnings two thousand years ago. Today, blinds are considered as elegant window treatments with various options available from sheer, translucent and block-outs. For additional decorative effect, blinds can be stained or painted to satisfy design criteria.

Window treatments should never be overlooked whether you are particularly blessed with sunlight throughout the year or the home has dark spaces that need brightening up. Window blinds, curtains and shutters provide an ideal balance of light and privacy not to mention the fact that it can easily enhance the beauty of a room.

Window blinds can be an effective and eye-catching option to curtains as well as being practical, durable and cost effective. According to Kerry Nichols, a home decorating buyer at John Lewis, blinds can maximize the light that enters the room during the day while block-out blinds can minimize the entry of early morning sunlight.

Blinds are perfect for all seasons because they can brighten up a room during summer while providing warmth during winter. A Roman blind can be a perfect option for any window style most especially if you have a bay window that has a seat which makes hanging a curtain a challenge. In order to create a cohesive interior décor, the color of the blinds can be matched with repeated fabric pattern on the window seat cushions so that the space can gain a dose of your personality.

It also helps to ensure that the window blinds look good from the outside as it is from within to increase curb appeal. You can use complimentary trim, tassels or decorative stitching for a stylish and elegant finish.

Colored shutters can also add a sense of vibrancy in rooms particularly if the general color scheme is neutral. Shutters can match both traditional and contemporary designs and they can provide privacy without losing light. On the other hand, curtains are perfect to bring nature inside the home to keep the mood uplifted on bad days. Combining curtains and window blinds will help filter out the light and allow the curtain to remain open and look more dressed.