Tax Raise For The Rich

President of the United States, Barrack Obama, will give his State of the Union speech on Tuesday. The speech is said to discuss tax raise on the wealthy in order to aid those on the middle class spectrum.

Officials say that the increase will result to $320 billion in one decade. The said amount will be used as funding for benefits like tax credits.

The State of the Union speech will be the center of political talks and is expected to reveal the legacy which will be left behind by President Obama. The speech is also expected to shape the coming 2016 election.

The only problem the President’s proposal is the resistance by the Houses of Congress which is both controlled by Republicans. As the economy of the United States grows, it is only right that ordinary families living in the US be able to receive certain benefits.

The tax raise is said to be given much thought and the proposal covers the following:

– Making sure that the richest in America will not be able to pass some of their assets as tax-free
– The earnings of the richest will receive an increase of 4.2% in capital gains tax from the previous 23.8%
– US financial firms, estimated to have total assets of around $50 billion, will get new fees

The proposal will be able to raise fund in order to provide for benefits designed for those citizens who belong in the middle class. Some of these benefits include tripled child tax credits, providing assistance for families whose spouses are both working and giving extra incentives for citizens to be able to save for their retirement.

White House has gained more confidence from the people since the increase in America’s economic growth. Despite the recovery, there is still the issue regarding wages for Americans who are in the middle class. It is the aim that the economic growth will benefit all Americans and provide them with outlet for success.

President Obama is not running for another term in the 2016 election despite the positive outcome on the state of the economy.

Advantages Of Dining At Sports Bar In Bangkok

You can always dine at a fancy restaurant but if you want a comfortable ambiance with sumptuous food that tastes like home, look for a sports bar in Bangkok. You can easily find a nice sports bar around Bangkok by searching through the internet or even by walking around while sight-seeing. Popular sports bars are not difficult to find especially those that are branched out from popular sports bar in America. If you’d rather eat at a sports bar, here are some of the things that you can enjoy therein.

Comfortable environment

The good thing about eating at sports bar is that you do not have to dress up or engage in fine dining, which can be uncomfortable for others. At sports bar, you can wear your most comfy clothes and can even eat your chicken wings with bare hands. No need to be prim and proper when you can just relax and be yourself while enjoying your favourite sports show.

Comfort food

When in Thailand, you will be exposed to exotic delicacies and Asian dishes. While it can be exciting for some, there would come a time when you would crave for food that you have been used to eating. That’s where a nice sports bar in Bangkok would come in handy. A sports bar offers food that are traditionally American such as fried chicken wings and its other variations, burgers, steaks, baby back ribs, potatoes and other true-blue American food that you would want to have at any given day.

Updated with sports events

For sports enthusiasts and big fans of sports teams, one of their favourite to-go places is, unsurprisingly, a sports bar. If you are among those who cannot afford to miss a game show, a sports bar is what you should look for while in Bangkok or in any part of the world.

More affordable   

Sports bar in Bangkok are known to have reasonable price especially if you would go for their deals and promo. At an affordable price, you can have all the chicken wings that you can while enjoying an ice cold beer in your hand.

Where Is Modern Condo Development At Right Now

With the world’s population growing rapidly, a decent place to live in is hard to find. People take many things in consideration before settling down in a place they can call home. Let us try and enumerate the top basis in getting a home:

  • Location – this is the very key point in deciding for the perfect place to live. Would you want to live is a city or the country?
  • Proximity – How far is from work and school? These are the usual questions we ask before purchasing a home.
  • Infrastructure – are the roads safe, are there enough establishments we can go to like, malls, hospitals etc.?
  • Security – this pertains to how protected are you and your family in this new place. Are there security guards or policemen that will be available 24/7 to assist in case of emergencies?
  • Amenities – desirable and convenient facilities around the subdivision or village. This could be including swimming pools, playground, gym, basketball courts, tennis courts and the likes.
  • Neighborhood – all of us does not want nosy neighbors but many of us likes neighbors that we can at least depend on or have afternoon tea sessions with.

These are the few things we take into consideration when wanting to own our own home. But nowadays, there are a lot more to consider. We are in the era that everything has been laid to us, the only thing we need to do is choose. From apartments, townhouses, and condos. Developers have provided us with structures that will suit our daily needs. People worldwide are now very particular with details. We tend to want things and compare them in what we see in magazines, television and the internet. To this same reason the condo development in Phuket has climb the ladder of providing first-rate, extravagant facilities, very contingent location and top of the class amenities: swimming pool, restaurants, movie rooms/theaters, gym and even laundry shops. Condos have an increasing popularity in this modern lifestyle. From the up to date designs to strategic location to the easy payment terms that will surely attract potential buyers.

Exclusive Hotels Accessible Through Suiteness

For ordinary citizens all over the globe, booking an exclusive luxury hotel might seem like a hard feat to accomplish thinking that majority of the guests are celebrities and VIP individuals. This is a wrong assumption though.

Suiteness is an online booking portal which provides members the access to book more than 20,000 of the top exclusive hotel suites which are undeniably expensive. These suites are located in various major cities all over the globe such as New York, London, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The company partnered with a few chosen hotel establishments including Shangri-La, Park Hyatt and Four Seasons. More than half of the rooms in these hotels are exclusively reserved for Suiteness.

According to the CEO of the company, Robbie Bhathal, the online portal Suiteness is unique because the exclusive suites of luxury hotels cannot be usually booked through regular booking sites. Suiteness is a platform where the users have to be members in order to access the site. This way, the hotels will know that they are reserving the room to the right kind of customer.

He also said that hotels are not willing to upgrade the sites to the next level because it would not be right to place the Porsche dealership adjacent to a Toyota dealership.

Bhathal also added that Suiteness is geared toward customers that have young families or bookings for special occasions. They are especially targeting customers with a disposable income that is higher than most as well as those who would be willing to spend more than a regular hotel room rate in order to accommodate everyone.

A survey revealed suite rooms in hotels are only booked 20 percent of the time which means that luxury suites can now be easily accessed by members of Suiteness and they might even book a room they never know existed before.

Bhathal revealed that the company has grown by more than 10 times in the last year and it is their goal to develop something that is not yet available in the market. With Suiteness, customers will not be able to book a room in an exclusive hotel in Luang Prabang.

Women’s History Month Celebrated By Art Galleries In Cleveland

Every month of March, the Women’s History Month is being held in celebration all over the world. In honor of the celebration, there are 86 galleries in Cleveland, Ohio that are participating in a movement to feature only works made by female artists.

Mary Urbas was responsible for coordinating this movement and she is also the organizer of the gallery tour directory of all the shows along with her very own exhibit called “From Woman X” which may be viewed at The Gallery located at the7700 Clocktower Drive, Kirtland which is where the Lakeland Community College is. “From Woman X” will have an opening reception on March 16, Sunday which will start from 3:30 PM until 5 PM.

The concept of the yearly show “From Woman” was originally inspired by famous art collaboration in New York City, the Guerilla Girls. They are responsible in exploring politics, gender as well as pop culture with the use of visuals which are usually over-the-top. This year 2017 will be the tenth year of the show “From Woman” and they will be featuring the highest number of artists. There will be 42 artists coming from Indiana, Arizona and Ohio while 14 of them are first time to join the roster.

Urbas said that the exhibition for this year is considered to be their most ambitious ever. Urbas will also be the curator of two other exhibitions that will feature works made by female artists. The Collinwood’s Article Gallery located at 15316 Waterloo Road will be hosting the exhibit “Paintings, Prints, and Poems for Meditation by Betty Skufca”. The show will showcase the works of Skufca from original oil painting made in plexiglass as well as canvas. There will be prints, assemblage art and jewelry featured. The display will also include the poems made by the 89 year old artist. The reception will be held on March 3 starting at 6 PM until 10 in the evening.

The different galleries for the entire month of March will showcase the different artworks of female artists which will include paintings on canvas and the modern photos on canvas artworks.

China Couriers Challenged By The Hype In E-commerce

Zhang Heng, a courier in China, admitted that most of the time he has no time to even wait at the door of where he is delivering. They are required to hand the package directly to the receiver. Zhang is only one of the millions of couriers working in Beijing that are considered the life and blood of online shopping in China. He delivers each package to the right person ensuring that the right receiver will get their package or else he will get a fine.

The e-commerce industry of China is dependent mostly on the couriers who are locally known as kuaidi which means express delivery in China and Zhang is one of them. In the country, there are around 1.2 million couriers according to a single survey. Many online retailers such as Alibaba are using these couriers in order to deliver packages to their customers through the use of electric carts with three wheels or scooters. China is now considered the largest market in terms of package delivery all over the globe.

The sad fact for the couriers, mostly unskilled workers that are coming from the interior of China, is that their job is low paying and often difficult. They are currently being supported by legal experts and labour activists in the belief that they work very long hours and in majority of the time, in harsh work settings.

Based on the survey, almost one-fourth of the couriers are working over 12 hours every day for seven day each week. The survey was conducted by the research and logistics arms of Alibaba in partnership with Beijing Jiaotong University with 40,000 courier participants. Majority of them are working for over eight hours every day for the entire week.

In the courier industry of the country, labour standards differ for each company but many of them are working under the condition of having no overtime pay, no pension benefits and no health care from their employers. The same thing can be said by the Uber drivers who are working in the United States since there are a lot of questions when it comes to the definition of their employment and work standard. Good thing that interstate couriers in Melbourne are mostly hire full time and gets full employee benefits.

Surestay Hotel Group To Open New Hotel In Bangkok

When traveling to another country, it’s important to pay attention to a lot of details, not least of which is where you’ll be staying for the duration of your trip. Which is why a lot of people go through the wire looking for a hotel that suits their needs. For those looking for a convenient hotel in Bangkok, fear not, there’s some good news for you.

SureStay Hotel Group, a hotel group established in 2016 known for providing quality services and great amenities at great values.  The group’s business model also allows for economy and lower-midscale hotels to be part of the group, allowing for cheaper hotel options, all without degrading the high quality brand standards that the company has established. The company has established itself in Asia, with its announcement of the securing of a new hotel. Located in Sukhumvit Soi 2, the new-build hotel is being developed right in the heart of Thailand’s capital. Construction on the lower-midscale hotel started around the final quarter of 2016, and is expected to finish around the final quarter this year. If all goes according to plan, the hotel should open around the Christmas season.

The new hotel will feature many amenities expected of modern hotels, and holding up to the standards of the SureStay Hotel Group, with 85 fully-furnished rooms, complete with free breakfast and Wi-Fi, all complimentary with the room. Additionally, there will be an area dedicated to providing travelers on business trips with services they should need.

On top of all that, a digital platform and a cloud-based PMS will be provided by the hotel owners, who will also aid customers by giving out advice on online businesses, such as managing online reviews, caring for their social media platforms, with some additional sales advice.

According to SureStay Hotel Group, they are quite confident about the state of their business. The company has over 30 properties approved all over the world, a considerable number of which are located in Northern America.

If you’re looking for a convenient hotel in Bangkok, or anywhere in the world, SureStay Hotel Group isn’t a bad place to start.

How To Conduct Building & Pest Inspections In Gold Coast

Pests and other insects can damage your property and can even post health hazards to your family. When you notice signs of pests in your premises, it is highly recommended for you to schedule building & pest inspections in Gold Coast. There are reputable service providers in the area who can assist your with exterminating these dangerous pests.  Here are some ideas.

Determine your requirements

There are different types of pests and insects that could infiltrate your property. Before you make a call to the exterminators, try to determine the type of pests found in your premises. You could possibly see signs of termites, rodents, ants, mosquitoes and other pests and insects. Some pests are not visible to the naked eyes so you can just rely on their damage to your skin or property. Otherwise, you can just call the expert to check and determine the kind of parasites in your area. If possible, determine where the pests have settled or the entry and exit points of rodents.

Search for reputable pest controllers

If you are already equipped with the right information, you should start looking for experienced pest controller in your area. You can refer to the yellow pages to find building & pest inspections in Gold Coast. You can also check over the internet for information. You can also ask your neighbours if they share the same pest problem with you and if they know of a reliable pest controller who can help you.

Inquire their extermination method 

Aside from finding a trusted pest controller, look for a service provider that utilizes safe and acceptable pest control methods. They should adhere to world’s safety standards and uses eco-friendly solutions to eliminate pests. Avoid building & pest inspections in Gold Coast that uses harmful chemicals to do the job as it may successfully eliminate pets but they might also harm your health and the environment.  Some solutions, especially those that are not water-base can be harmful to your pets and your family. Find out if the pest controller uses water-based products.