Where To Take A Day Trip While In Thailand

If you are staying in Bangkok for a few days and have already witnessed its beauty, you might want to leave your retro hotel in Sukhumvit to discover other treasures in Thailand without having to spend the night away. Good thing is that there are day trips you can take while in the capital.

  • Hua Hin. For over a century, this seaside spot is one of the popular choices among locals and tourists. Changes are evident in the area after it has been hit by tourism. There are hotels and resorts everywhere along with restaurants that answer the demand of tourists on a daily basis. The good news is that it did not lose its old-world beauty which can be seen through the Hua Hun train station. It does not have the best beach in Thailand but it will suffice for those looking for a short escape. If you are a wine lover, you can visit the Monsoon Valley Vineyard while hikers should not miss the Khao Sam RoiYot National Park.
  • This is a province 130 kilometres on the western side of Bangkok and located at Myanmar’s border. This is where the infamous Burma Railway or Death Railway can be found. Kanchanaburiis also called the Wild West of Thailand because it has seven national parks and a rich wildlife.
  • Khao Yi. This is a Unesco World Heritage Site which can be reached through a three-hour drive from the capital. This is one of the most popular national parks in the country which boasts of hiking trails, waterfalls and caves. This is where one can experience the country life by visiting nearby farms.
  • Another three hour drive from the capital, this satellite city offers kilometres of endless beaches with various water activities such as snorkelling, paragliding and jet skiing. The region is also known for its nightlife, which is ideal for single people. Families staying at a retro hotel in Sukhumvit will be able to enjoy family-friendly activities such as go-karting, visiting the art museum and water parks in Pattaya.

Tokyo Verdy FC Sees J League Success For Thai players

Mr. Hideyuki Hanyu, the President of the Tokyo Verdy Football Club, visited the country of Thailand late last May of 2017, as part of the cooperation between Tokyo Verdy  FC and Ascot International School.

Mr. Hanyu elaborated, saying that the football club signed an agreement with Ascot International School sometime during 2016, aimed at creating more opportunities for Ascot’s football players to come to Japan, and experience J League quality professional training with Tokyo Verdy FC.

Part of this agreement, he adds, was the sending of qualified trainers and staff from Tokyo Verdy FC to Thailand, offering a football training program for the school’s players. Another part of this joint endeavour was the aforementioned travel opportunities for players, which happened earlier in April, 2017.

Mr. Hanyu says that the Ascot International School players that travelled to Japan came back to Thailand stronger and more skilful,and that it bring the FC joy that the athletes they trained are doing well, having qualified for Thailand’s youth national team as well as making  the cut for some of Thailand’s best football clubs.

Tokyo Verdy is a Tokyo-based Japanese professional football club, actively participating in the J2 League. The team was founded back in 1969, and is one of the J League’s most decorated teams with several honours, including 7 J League titles, an AFC Champions League titles, among others, amounting to a whopping 25 titles, making the Tokyo Verdy FC one of the most, if not the most successful teams in Japanese football history. The team is also popular with the younger enthusiasts, due to its youth development programs and youth academy.

Mr. Gary Booth, Head Master for Ascot International School, states that the school is looks forward to what this partnership with the FC will bring. He says that this meshes well with Ascot’s intentions of promoting participating in sports, which is a part of their curriculum rather than an afterthought addition.

Felipe Amaral, Head of Ascot Football Academy expressed a similar outlook on the partnership, saying that this endeavour won’t just be good for the students and for football in Thailand, but also for strengthening ties between the two countries.

3 Signs Of A Convenient Hotel In Sukhumvit

People go on a holiday for various reasons. There are those who go on places to shop while others go on vacation to relax and enjoy the holiday. Thailand is a popular destination in Southeast Asia and it would not be surprising if you are going to this tropical paradise. However, if you are planning to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city, a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit is what you should be looking for. To find out if you are looking at a convenient hotel, take a look at these indications.

Excellent location

One indication of a convenient hotel its location. It should be at the heart of Bangkok or within the downtown area for it to be considered convenient for tourists. Most hotels that are located in a prime areas are newly constructed or redesigned building which is why they are more contemporary in settings and furnishings. Because of its location, you can expect to find other hotels in the area making the competition stiff among hoteliers and those in the hospitality industry. This results in better deals and lower rates.

Transportation accessibility

You can also tell that you are looking at a convenient hotel in Sukhumvitwhen it is located near transportation hubs and it is easily accessible by major forms of transportations. Sukhumvit is accessible from and to the airport. It is also a few minutes to trainstations and other modes of transportation in Bangkok. This allows you to go to your destinations easily and get back to your hotel without the hassles.

With nearby commercial centres

Another sign that the hotel is conveniently located at the city centre is its proximity to different business and commercial establishments such as shopping malls, bars, cafes and restaurants, entertainment centres, night markets, business processing centres for communications, offices and other commercial and business institutions. By booking in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, you won’t have to rush just to get to where you intend to go for the day and you can have everything that you need right at the hotel’s doorsteps. Book ahead to save money on discounts.

Qualifications Of Aspiring Funeral Directors In Sydney

In order to become one of the most reputed funeral directors in Sydney, you need to meet certain qualifications. The minimum requirements are very achievable. Aside for the qualifications, you have to have compassion and kindness especially that you would need such qualities in dealing with grieving families. If you are planning to become a qualified funeral director, here are some of the qualifications that you must possess.

Main qualifications

  • Funeral service education
  • State license
  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • Associate degree in funeral service education. In some areas, a bachelor’s degree is required.
  • One or two years apprenticeship in a funeral home
  • Pass the state license examination or national board examination

Tasks and functions

  • Coordinate with the immediate family before death in case death was not sudden, during ceremonies and after the deceased was laid to rest.
  • Organize and prepare a celebration in remembrance of the deceased’s life.
  • Prepare the body and ensure that it will appear dignified before the family and friends.
  • Consult the family for the viewing arrangements. A funeral director should be particular to details and must see to it that the wishes of the family would be followed accordingly starting from the preparation of the body down to the burial or cremation of the deceased.

How to become a funeral director

If you want to become one of those funeral directors in Sydney, talk to your local funeral director and express your intent to become a funeral director. Find out how you can go about the process, the things you need to comply and if you could possibly take a tour at the funeral home.

You might also want to call the local funeral association to find out what information can you get from them to advance your interest in the funeral service industry. You might also want to ask them for the required licensing and its requirements.

Lastly, you can enrol in a mortuary science program to fulfil your dream to become one of thosefuneral directors in Sydney who are duly licensed. Ask for a copy of the curriculum, how much is the tuition fee and other relevant information.

Tips To Get The Right Marquee Hire In Melbourne

There are different types of marquee hire in Melbourne that you can use for your event. All you have to do is find a supplier where you can rent the marque. To hire the right tent, consider a few things such as the following.

Rental costs

The rental costs of marquees vary depending on the marquee’s size and materials.  The usual costs of marquees are around $520 to $2,800 but then again, the rates depend on the various factors. If you only need a tent for your drinks, souvenir booth or light snacks, you can hire a small marquee which could amount at $121. The rental costs already include the delivery of tent, set up, dismantling and collection. You can also opt to add accessories on your marquee such as lighting, marquee lining, stage, flooring and others details. You just have to communicate with the supplier on what your needs are and perhaps even your budget so they can work on it. Ask for cost estimates to get an idea how much you are going to budget for your party including your marquee.

Marquee size

One thing that you need to determine in order to get the right size of your marquee hire in Melbourne is the number of guests you intend to invite. When choosing a marquee, consider the other items and equipment that will be placed inside the marquee and would eat up space such as tables and its designs, the dance floor, table for food serving, dance floor, bar and drinks dispenser, among others. Always allocate extra tables and chairs for unexpected guests.

Renting a marquee

Search for a contractor that offers party supplies and materials then request for a cost estimate. Provide all the necessary information so for the company to give you an accurate quotation. Some contractors offer obligation-free site inspection to determine what your needs are and the type of marquee hire in Melbourne suited for your event. After the inspection, the contractor will send a free quote. If you are amenable with the quote,confirm your booking. The contractor will deliver and set up the marquee for your party and collect it the next day.

Drug Addiction Is More Alarming Than Terrorism

Unlike other rehabilitation centers that make use of medications to assist patients in the recovery from addiction, luxury rehab facility provides treatment through a natural approach. Holistic therapies that include yoga, meditation, acupuncture and massage are employed in addition to behavioral therapies and individual counseling. Treatment becomes more effective because it is designed according to the needs of the patient.

It is very alarming to hear that drug abuse is a more serious problem than terrorism; however, it is true. At least 685 people are killed by drugs daily all around the world while terrorists only manage to claim the lives of 39 people in comparison. According to a 2016 report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), 1 in 20 adults or a quarter of a billion people between ages 16 and 64 have used at least one type of drug in 2014. Only one is able to access treatment services for drug dependence each year while 29 million drug users suffer severely from disorders caused by drug abuse.

There are different reasons why people take drugs. Some want to achieve a soothing change to their life. The young believe that drugs can bring them relaxation and relief from boredom. Contrary to what they assume, drug abuse has adverse effects on their life. On the other hand, even with widespread information on the dangers of drugs addiction, many still suffer from drug abuse because they use drugs carelessly.

Afghanistan which is considered to be the global center of poppy cultivation and production of narcotics has no other option to generate income that is why drugs have become the backbone of the economy. A report from UNODC revealed that at least 90% of the world’s production for illicit opium is produced in Afghanistan. At least 43% is smuggled via Pakistan to destination markets in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

There are people who are lucky enough to be able to access treatment from luxury rehab facility that specializes in holistic approach to treat drug dependency. Patients at the luxury rehab will not lose their self esteem and dignity because the facility believes in respect for human rights.

3 Things To Consider For Similna Island Liveaboard Trip

If you are a diver, you would want to go for a dive at any given day. If you are one of those who just can’t get enough of diving, a Similan island liveaboard trip would be best for you. Liveaboarding means that you get to stay in a houseboat for days. While this can be an adventurous and memorable experience, there are a few things that you might want to consider before taking the trip. Here are some of them.


One of the important things to consider if you are planning for a liveaboarding trip is the season during your target trip schedule. In Thailand, rainy seasons are generally from July to October. The country, being a tropical one only has two seasons; the rainy and sunny. If you want to enjoy living on a houseboat for a few days, it would be best to schedule your trip to Thailand during summer or dry season. Summers offer excellent sea conditions. The seas are calmer with more visibility.


Going on a Similan island liveaboardcan be pricy. Not only will you spend for staying in a houseboat, you are also going to spend for renting diving gears and equipment which can be expensive.It is important to have the right diving gear as it would ensure your safety while underwater. To reduce the costs, opt for budget packages and shorter number of days aboard. The rates of liveaboarding is generally influenced by the type of sea craft and itinerary of the trip.

Diving expertise

If you are going on a liveaboarding trip with professional divers, choose a budget pack which offers multiple dives in a day or a package that has more dives than relaxation. However, if you want to infuse diving with rest and recreation, choose a package at Similan island liveaboard which include snorkelling, island visits, beach BBQ and other non-diver activities. With liveaboarding trips, you can choose whether to have the majority of your activities on diving or other water-related activities that will be enjoyed by expert divers and non-divers alike. You can also find diving lessons from the packages.