Harlem Tenants Endure The Cold Due To Boiler Breakdown

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In Harlem, 3,000 public housing tenants have to endure the cold during a snowstorm because the aging boilers crashed. The tenants of King Towers are no longer expecting any solution to their woes as Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio bicker over the fixing of NYCHA heat. The two New York politicians have made a promise to spend millions of dollars for the replacement of boilers in 31 NYCHA developments but King Towers is not on the list.

At about 9:30 AM, Tuesday, King Towers crashed resulting into 10 buildings losing heat and hot water. NYCHA workers were immediately dispatched to fix the problem and 12 hours later the boilers were listed as back on line; however, heat did not last. By 5:40 AM, Wednesday, the system has crashed again. Workers were still trying to fix the boiler so that heat can be restored for the development’s tenants.

According to a tenant, Madeline Ellis, they had to turn on the stove to warm the unit where she lives with her 4 children including a 4-month old infant. Thousands of public tenants complain that they lose heat whenever they need it most. Mayor de Blasio has a proposal to spend $200 million for boiler upgrading in 20 selected developments that did not include King Towers.

NYCHA has admitted that at least 43% of 1,980 boilers under their authority are failing or considered obsolete andmust be replaced immediately. It was also confirmed that the boiler at King Towers had to be shutdown when a part was found out to be shaking dangerously.

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Have A Wonderful Experience With A Boutique Hotel Similar To 5 Star Hotel In Bangkok

Bangkok is estimated to have over 9-million people, but the entire Thailand is expected to be the home of around 20-million. For those traveling to Bangkok for serenity and privacy may not find this city appealing especially with the vast population that it has. However, Bangkok is so unique with all its variety of accommodations that somehow can suit all types of people coming here. Nightlife lovers will surely find a great place to stay here. However, those seeking solitude will suit themselves in 5 star hotel in Bangkok for accommodation.

Smaller Rooms with Bigger Space: One interesting feature that boutique hotels in Bangkok has is their layout. Rather than being flashy with hundreds of rooms, boutique hotels have relatively smaller rooms which can total around twenty. The benefits of such an arrangement are quite obvious. How often have you stayed in a hotel where all facilities have been regularly used? It is somehow frustrating that you spend a small fortune for a room only to find out that the gym and swimming pool aren’t free. With a Bangkok boutique hotel, you’ll never have problems with space. It also has similar facilities that a 5 star hotel in Bangkok can offer.

Real Service: The most typical complaints that traditional hotels have is having deficient staff. Anyone who has worked in such establishment can attest to this. People working for the hotel are stretched to the limit and usually extend their work schedules for longer hours. As a result, guest experience is marred with substandard service. But if you book in Bangkok boutique hotels, you’ll surely enjoy the room services that go with the accommodation. They never delay service requests; hence, guests can have a more pleasant stay here.

Rather than expend on a 5 star hotel in Bangkok, most travellers from overseas are quite amazed at how the prices of boutique hotels cost. They may not be luxurious and elegant hotels like the 5 star ones, but they can offer rates comparable to these hotels. You are definitely here in Bangkok to have a relaxing yet enjoyable vacation. So why not venture into a boutique hotel with an average sized room. Enjoyment begins when you are booked in a fine yet elegant accommodation in Bangkok.

Difference Between Michigan Tax ID And Employee Identification Number

State Tax ID numbers and Federal Employee identification numbers are two different IDS. They both are required by business organizations, which hire employees and are also legally required identification numbers for some types of business organizations like sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporations, Trusts and so on.

The Michigan Tax ID and EIN numbers are unique nine digit numbers that help the Government to identify the business organization. They are also needed for other purposes like filing tax returns and paying income tax, obtaining other licenses and permits, opening bank accounts for business and getting a line of credit and many other important functions of the business.

There are some main differences between the Michigan Tax ID and the EIN.

  • Issuing authority – The Michigan Tax ID number is issued by the state revenue department or any other similar agency, responsible for collecting taxes. This number is applicable only in the state of its issuance. If the business relocates to other state, it has to obtain a separate state Tax ID number. The EIN is issued by the IRS and is applicable throughout the country. The EIN is a permanent number and stays with an organization throughout its lifetime.
  • Purpose – Employee Identification number is a nine digit number assigned by the IRS and helps to identify the company for tax purposes. The EIN of a company does not change unless the company goes for restructuring or changes ownership. On the other hand a state tax ID is used for the purpose of filing state tax returns. Since these numbers are applicable only for the State in which the business is located, the state tax ID number is not asked by any other agencies. If the business has employees in more than one state, it has to file state payroll tax in each state and must obtain a State Tax ID in each of the state.

It is very important to obtain the Michigan Tax ID and Federal EIN numbers whenever required. The numbers are required to file income tax returns electronically and pay the taxes like income tax, payroll tax, sales tax and others. Employees will also be asked to mention the EIN and tax ID at the time of filing returns. The IRS and the state revenue departments match the data to ascertain proper payment of taxes.

New Bill In California Will Regulate Rehab Facilities And Dialysis Industries

A lawmaker from California is trying to pass a bill that will regulate drug rehab facilities as well as dialysis providers who are allegedly making a lot of profits from susceptible patients. These facilities are able to earn millions of dollars by charging very high medical fees. The bill will not affect Los Angeles luxury rehab as long as they are operating legally and are not taking advantage of clients.

The proposal is set to be heard on the Senate on April. The supporters of the bill said that there are a number of providers as well as charities and middlemen in the said industry are encouraging the patients to get their health insurance and sign up for a premium because they are receiving big profits from it. According to them, this is the reason why insurance costs are rapidly increasing in the drug treatment and dialysis industries.

The main sponsor of the bill is Senator Connie Leyva. She said that providers are allowed to make profit but this is only up to a point where the profits are not prioritized over the well-being and the overall health of their patients. Too high profits can impact the premium costs of health insurance for Californians should not be tolerated.

Bill Shield of California is one of the biggest insurance providers in the state but the company is in favor of the proposed bill, Senate Bill 1156, along with Service Employees International Union-UHW which is an influential labor group.

The main goal of premium assistance programs is to help patients who do not have the money to pay for their premiums. The costs are covered by providers or in some cases outsiders in the company. Many health insurers are not happy about this and in 2014 they were further angered by the introduction of the Affordable Care Act.

The problem is now worse than before because of the number of individuals diagnosed with opioids addiction. With this bill, they are hoping to separate the Los Angeles luxury rehab from facilities that are taking advantage of clients.

Spending A Family Vacation At The Holiday Inn In Rayong

When planning a holiday for your family, ensure you are booked on the right destination, hotel, the most convenient flights and the best family travel policy. Consider the needs of your kids, what they enjoy and keep them occupied, while you find those that you desire for yourself. A great place to start with is an accommodation. You can do that by booking at the Holiday Inn in Rayong to get the best accommodation.Here’s some considerations to help you plan your holiday:

  • Settling for a Central Hotel

You may consider a hotel outside the city as you feel it is quieter and safer than those within the city. Think hard as a central hotel is a great option especially for children. You can find the attractions closer and after a long day of sightseeing, you can travel back easily especially when kids are tired.

  • Check the Kids’ Dining Options

When booked at the Holiday Inn in Rayong, you’ll enjoy the great amenities it offers. It shouldn’t be trouble to find a restaurant that will cater to the meals of your kids. They can be well fed and happy much as you enjoy your meals. Or you can eat in your room with microwaves provided.

  • Book a Family Room

Ensure you ask the hotel on what they can provide for room arrangements. Like the Holiday Inn in Rayong, there can be adjacent rooms with adjoining corridors for older and more independent kids. For younger ones, the room can be separated by a door to hear the little ones in times of need, while maintaining your own privacy.

  • Don’t Forget about the Extras

Some hotels and resorts in Rayong offer extras for families like babysitting services, kids’ pools, kids’ clubs, and other related services which make toddlers safer.

You can also check if they provide washing and drying of clothes so you don’t have to bring more on your trip to Rayong. You will also need to check if a store is nearby to find snacks and extra bits and pieces for your kids.

In family holidays, you need to stay organized to make memories of your trip. Research about Rayong and the Holiday Inn in Rayong if you really want to stay here.

National Cycle Network To Drive Walking And Cycling Tourism In The Highlands

The world’s most spectacular views can be found in Inverness, the Scottish city where you can still find bagpipe players and lovers and the Inverness cape that is worn in the rain by the pipers. Your best option if you have plans on visiting Scotland Highland’s cultural capital is best boutique Hotel in Inverness where you will enjoy the best of what nature offers.

Because Inverness is a big city, it also has its share of heavy traffic which is a nightmare for cyclists. However, there are plans that will enable drivers to divert from the busy main roads of the Highlands to new off-road cycle paths.

The national cycle network (NCN) covers most of Scotland on segregated routers and quiet roads but there is a wide gap across the Highlands between Great Glen and the Western Isles which the largest area in the UK that does not have an official route.

According to Sustrans, the developer of the cycle route, a feasibility study will be launched to determine new paths that riders can use to reach the West Coast and islands. Routes to ferry ports like Mallaig and Ullapool will be included. NCN will be a valuable asset for the local economy. It is also expected to drive walking and cycling tourism particularly in the Highlands and the islands.

A high level feasibility study will be undertaken to identify potential multi-modal routes for cycling and walking starting from Great Glen so that a gateway can be created for people to walk or cycle to the islands. Both tourists and locals can discover Scotland by foot or through a bike.

In Skye, a community group is already moving ahead with plans for cyclists to bypass the A87 between Skye Bridge and Broadford. The gateway in the main island is extremely busy because of the increase in the number of tourist arrivals.

A wide range of accommodation options is offered by best boutique Hotel in Inverness for visitors who desire a wonderful view of the majestic River Ness. The boutique hotel boasts of a perfect position in the very heart of Inverness where a visitor can enjoy a peaceful area and relaxing environment.

A Look At The 2017 Smartphones With Unique Features

Heavy competition in the smartphone market means that companies are looking to differentiate themselves with unique products, with notable features that stand out from the pack. Some manufacturers have implemented equally strange and wonderful functionalities, from automatic wi-fi connection systems, and mosquito repeller ultrasonic technology, though even simpler distinctions such as extreme performance have also popped up.

Here’s a look at some of the previous year’s notable smartphones, containing the first version of their unique features.

  • Nokia 8 – Bothie
    • Unique from other Nokia phones thanks to its Bothie function, which gives it two Carl Zeiss cameras, front and back, that allows for simultaneous capturing through both of them. The image and video from both cameras can then be combined into one. The popularity of this feature even led to Nokia 7 getting this feature, with Nokia 9 set to receive the feature.
  • Apple iPhone x – Animoji
    • Unveiled alongside the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the iPhone X is the model celebrating the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Featuring an OLED display, a TrueDepth sensor, and Face ID facial recognition software instead of the usual Touch ID sensor.  The unique feature that separates this iPhone X is the Animoki feature, which uses facial recognition to turn facial expressions into emojis, which can then be used to send messages.
  • LG K7i – mosquito repellent technology
    • Perhaps one of the oddest additions to a smartphone, the LG K7i features the Ultrasonic Mosquito Away technology, which as the name implies, is mosquito repeller ultrasonic tech that keeps mosquitoes away from the smartphone. This development utilizes ultrasonic frequencies, for example, 30KHz, inaudible to human ears, but detectable by mosquitoes.
  • Moto X4 – Project Fi
    • Unveiled early in September, this smartphone features Google’s Project Fi feature, which is a virtual network that can automatically connect to the strongest network in your phone’s vicinity, which can avert call drops and slow browsing due to signal interference. This way, the phone and its user never suffers from sudden disconnections, and avoids unnecessarily using up mobile data.
  • Razer phone – performance and a 120Hz refresh rate
    • The new phone unveiled by Razer has nothing fancy added to it, but its core components are very fancy. A high-end phone touted as being ‘for gamers’ the Razer phone has a Quad HD IGZO LCD 5.72-inch display, with a refresh rate sitting at a high 120Hz, giving it the fastest refresh rate for smartphone gaming to date.